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Adventure High 0.33 Adventure High 0.33

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Greate game well i should say demo of a great game it really feels like really early alpha after floor 12 it gets extremelly hard to progress because you literally do 0 damage for flower girls etc and that feels even worse when you get no bounties no any further note tips etc new charracters like cassandra and molly are completly useless tried leveling up molly a bit she still has only heals ?? and cass does 6 damage .... Val also becomes useless even if shes level 25 or so does 30-40 damage progressing is borderline impossible and on that note it really lacks animations not only mature ones overall some minor battle animations would be nice like fire shoots little fire particles etc also mature animatios would be great. I guess my tips (make it less grindy post level 12 (dungeon level i mean) more animations and expand the city give us more places to go and meyby another dungeon non school one wich has better loots and/or items (item system would be nice) staffs etc. Thats about i will be waiting version 0.34 or 0.5 or w/e GL and dont stop it will turn out great :)

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HypnoChanger responds:

Thanks, the problem you are seeing if you are using Cassandra and Val as main damage sources is that they don't have any higher tier attack spells written for them yet. I am working on trying to write new spells as quickly as I can but programming new spells is taking some time. For now, your best bet on those floors is to bring Sarah or Ashley with you; as both of them have access to the highest tier attack spells.

I may be able to work on spell animations when I can; due to filesize limitations I probably won't be able to animate the mature scenes though. A single animation has the same filesize that dozens of single images do, and I'm already over halfway to Newgrounds' filesize limit of 100mb.

Summoners Quest Ch.7 18+ Summoners Quest Ch.7 18+

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

great game as always but plz add space bar as next i like to sit relaxed in my chair and press pace instead of leaning forward and pressing mouse everytime

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Ferdafs responds:

Fine, I'll add that option in the next game.